Friends of AIMSE Award Winner Profiles

Richard M. Charlton

On October 5, 2016 AIMSE President Chris Rae presented Dick Charlton, Chairman Emeritus, NEPC with the third “Friends of AIMSE Award.” The Award was presented during the 2016 AIMSE Fall Conference. Dick has exhibited unwavering support of AIMSE and has been dedicated to the importance of education of plan sponsors, investment committees, trustees, plus fellow investment consultants and members of the investment management community throughout his career.

Ronald D. Peyton

On October 14, 2015 AIMSE President P. MacKenzie Hurd proudly presented Ron Peyton, Chairman and CEO of Callan Associates, with only the second “Friends of AIMSE Award.” The award was presented during the AIMSE 2015 Fall Conference. Ron has spearheaded the longtime support of AIMSE from Callan Associates, particularly in some lean times for our organization years ago. Callan has always been giving of their consultants’ time for panels and speaking engagements as well. Ron’s acceptance speech was witty and heartfelt. He has been CEO at Callan since 1990 and joined the firm only a year after it was founded in 1974. Ron encouraged the audience to stay true to the AIMSE mission and emphasized the ethical standards laid out by the CFA Institute, an organization he has contributed to for over 25 years.

Keith McDowell

On September 23, 2010 Niels Andersen, AIMSE President, and Tim McAvoy, AIMSE President Emeritus, presented the first “Friends of AIMSE Award” to Keith McDowell. This newly created award was presented during the AIMSE 2010 Fall Conference in New York City, where over 150 investment professionals gave an extended standing ovation to honor Keith’s achievement.

Keith McDowell entered into the business with A.G. Becker’s Funds Evaluation Group in 1974 and then served as a plan sponsor consultant in Chicago from 1977-1986. He was then promoted to Senior Vice President of Professional Development in 1987, with a focus on sales and presentation training.

Keith started his own business, McDowell Consulting, January 1999 and has attended AIMSE events going back to his first AIMSE Annual Conference in 1987. In 2010, Keith attended his 24th AIMSE conference and has served as a moderator on many AIMSE panels and a friend/mentor to even more AIMSE investment professionals.

On behalf of AIMSE, we thank Keith for his dedication to the institutional money management business and even more so to his unswerving commitment to AIMSE.